New Zealand Open GPS Maps Project

for Garmin Mapping GPS

How to use the installer and MapSource

Step 1

NB the file may have another name eg NZOGPS_Setup

Step 2

Use a program like WinZip to extract the contents to a temporary directory
Step 3

Double-click the .exe file you extracted in the step above - the installer will start. If you do not have administrator rights on your PC, the installer will exit.
Step 4

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the NZ Maps into MapSource
Step 5

When the installer finishes, start your MapSource program (for example CitySelect / MetroGuide)
Step 6

The NZ maps will be available in the drop down product menu
Step 7

Zoom out to approx. 500-700km so that you can see the whole of NZ
Step 8

Click on the Map Tool (arrowed)
Step 9

Using the mouse, left click and 'draw' a box around the whole of NZ - the map tiles will turn pink as they are selected. Once all the tiles are pink, take your finger off the mouse button. The tiles that you have selected will be listed in the maps tab at the left hand side of the screen in MapSource as shown in the screenshot.
Step 10

On the toolbar click the 'Send to Device' button. 
Step 11

MapSource will display the following dialog box. Note your GPS will be listed. Ensure the 'Maps' checkbox is ticked, then click on the 'Send' button.

If you don't get this dialog box, your GPS is not communicating with your PC. Check that is is plugged in, turned on, and any required drivers installed. Read the manual supplied with your GPS for more information.
Step 12

This status box will appear for a few seconds - do nothing. Another status box will appear after this one as the maps are being transferred - again do nothing, wait until complete. For serial GPS units expect to wait around 17 minutes for 8mb of maps to be transferred. USB units will be around 20 seconds.
Step 13

When complete - this dialog box will appear in MapSource. You can close MapSource. Your GPS will go through it's startup routine and the maps will be loaded and available to use in the GPS.

NB - you must 'pan' over to NZ to see the maps on your GPS if you are loading the maps from an overseas location. Your GPS always shows the location where *you* are, not of the maps you have just uploaded.